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Amy Motto

Author and Artist


I am a retired Marriage and Family Therapist, also with a degree in Fine Arts. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was forced to retire early. What then? I picked up a pen and paintbrush and put my passion into helping others find healing and hope!

My personal experience as both a victim of trauma and helping 100's of clients in treatment, has enabled me to go from survivor to thriver!


By sharing my path to healing, I hope to help others struggling to avoid pitfalls and find wholeness.

Shattering lets the light in, AND allows your own to shine out as well!

Nothing Wasted

If you have gone through life's journey unscathed thus far, succeeding on your own abilities, never felr burdened by regret or despair...I don't know whether to be overjoyed for you or feel sorrowful.

Perhaps I'd say that it gives me a heavy heart. For it is only as I have grown older, with increasing limitations, I have learned my most valuable lessons. Life has dealt blessings and battering—my roller coaster ride went from accomplishments, and despair.

Thankfully, it eventually stumbled to stability. My story shares how, as I made a space to believe.  It was not easy, but it was worth it a million times over. "Nothing Wasted tells how I learned that none of the struggle and sorrow was wasted, but was used for good.  I share how by writing, you'll see the path in my art.


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Broken is not a life sentence

"Nothing Wasted" available summer 2023


          Kaki Doogs, R.N., M.P.S, (Master's in Clinical Psychotherapy), A.T.R. (Art Therapist)


                            "This book is a powerful aid in our journey towards the light!"


             Reverend Dr. Maria Goldstein   (host of the TV show:  Voices in the Wilderness)

           "An encouragement right now with people going through such difficult, difficult times."

Don R. Kelly, Ph.D., Henderson State University, Director of Social Work Field Education

"A modern-day story that reminds you of Job...We all face challenges, doubt, suffering, heartache, and pain in our lives, and, through it all, God asks us to trust Him. Nothing Wasted will make you laugh and cry,  but most of all the book will give you hope for your own just might find the strength you never imagined possible."


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Puppies Need Pockets

Children's book is available now!

 REVIEW: by Lisa  (6th-grade teacher)



"This book is so sweet! The illustrations and words make you feel so light-hearted. A perfect story for young kids with imagination. I am a teacher of the 6th grade students, and this is appropriate for older and younger children. Thank you, Amy Motto, for writing such a sweet book!"




"I bought this book for our 3 ½ year old daughter. It is so cute dash a perfect blend of words and whimsical pictures!"

This illustrated children's book suitable for ages 3 to 10, tells the story of a puppy, "Cassie," that is enamored with the beauty of God's creations in nature.

The plot is told through a poem that describes her wanderings with her boy around the neighborhood and the nearby lake on the way she finds special objects she wants to save.

Unfortunately, she has no way to carry them home, and imagines every possibility to gather up her treasures "of the puppy kind." Full color artwork beautifully illustrates each stanza, highlighting the beauty of God's wonderful creations.

You'll have to see HOW she  brings her precious articles home!
(Hint - it involves pockets.)

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